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Prioritize Your Indoor Air Quality

NRD LLC Is Prioritizing Your Indoor Air Quality

NRD, LLC offers innovative air ionization products to improve your indoor air and overall quality of life. Air ionizers are cutting-edge technology that will make you more comfortable, whether at home or in the office. Our products are available to homeowners, HVAC contractors, and facilities with a commercial HVAC system.

Our ionization products generate positive and negative ions, which agglomerate contaminants and particles found in our air supply. Through this process, air particles become larger and can thereby be trapped in your home or commercial HVAC system — making the air that surrounds us cleaner and healthier.

Indoor air can potentially be 100x more harmful than outdoor oxygen. Take steps to minimize the risk today.

What Is Ionization?

Air ionizer work by metamorphosing the molecules in your room’s atmosphere, attracting and removing contaminants and potentially harmful, toxic particles. Our ionizers differ from other types of purifiers because they don’t use fans or filters. Instead, tiny particles are removed through the neutralizing ionization process. Our technology lets ions form and release into the air using your HVAC system. When these particles seek each other out, they form bonds that lead to cleaner breaths.

Static control applications and technical information

Enjoy Just Clean, Purified Air.

Benefits of Ionization

Targeting Harmful Particles

It’s difficult to comprehend dangers associated with elements that we cannot see with our own eyes. Our ionizers are an agent of security designed to provide ultimate air quality protection.

Reducing Bacteria & Virus Potential

It seems that every day there is a new risk of viral infection. Our ionizers are a protective barrier against SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-2 Delta, E. Coli, etc.

Minimizing Unwanted Smells

While not a health risk, unwanted odors interfere with our quality of life. Our ionization products reduce odors and keep your air clean.

Markets & Industries Served

Indoor and outdoor air purification

HVAC Contractors

Given today’s climate, there is an immense need for air purification in commercial and residential settings. Discover how our indoor air quality product can boost your business and bring new customers seeking HVAC installation and service.

Commercial air purification solutions

Commercial HVAC

If you operate a commercial facility, it’s your responsibility to keep your clients’ and employees’ air clean. Reach out to NRD for more information..

Residential home air quality control


We offer ionizing air products to homeowners across the country. Our air ionization products help form an invisible, protective barrier from unseen dangers and harmful toxins to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Improve air quality

Individuals with Breathing Problems

If you (or someone you live with) have COPD or are especially susceptible to allergens, you understand the toll that impure air can take on one’s respiratory system. Our indoor air quality product will improve how you live…and breathe.

You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, and sometimes, you can’t even smell it — but the quality of your air affects your life. Contact NRD for more information.

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NRD, LLC USA Headquarters, Sales & Manufacturing

2937 Alternate Blvd
Grand Island, NY 14072

NRD Asia Pte. Ltd.

26 Kallang Place, #06-17
Singapore 339157