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Industrial Electronics

Industrial Electronics

There are a number of concerns related to static electricity in the industrial market, and other manufacturing applications.

Static charge is known to damage microelectronic components, industrial equipment, and computers. There is also an increased propensity for people to build up a static charge on themselves just by everyday movement and then transfer the charge to sensitive parts and devices causing damage.

Reasons to Eliminate Static

  • Eliminate material jams
  • Increase processing speeds
  • Clean surfaces
  • Prevent particle attraction
  • Eliminate volatile solvent hazards
  • Improve product yield
  • Prevent static-induced damage to processing equipment
At NRD, LLC, we’ll help you identify the source of the problem and provide the most reliable, effective, and safe solutions for your specific needs and budget, with static control solutions.

Alpha Energy

NRD, LLC uses the innovative technology of alpha-energy to neutralize static charges and help purify the air in the workplace. This method is exceptionally practical as exemplified by the following characteristics.
Incredibly fast decay rates that quickly neutralize static charges.
  • Continuous, self-powered dense cloud of ion generation
  • Reliable, constant and stable voltage balance of ± zero volts
  • Zero ozone emitted
  • No maintenance or calibration throughout the life of the ion source
  • No production downtime or yield losses
  • Clean ionization without emitter shedding
  • No risk of electrical shock hazards enabling usage in volatile atmosphere.
  • No operating costs associated with ion sources
  • No radio frequencies produced to interfere with process controls
  • Vibration and impact resistant
  • Completely safe and portable
alpha energy
Air Ionization Products

NRD Air Ionization Products

Every year, static electricity causes a staggering dollar loss to companies worldwide. Static affects product quality, disrupts production rates, inflicts personal injury and causes fire hazards. Manufacturers are faced with the reality that electrostatic charges cannot be totally eliminated from a production environment.

Controlling static is the key. The proper application of ionization can be an effective component of an overall strategy to control static electricity. Some of the benefits realized in the effective application of air ionization devices include:

Improved Product Quality and Increased Yields

  • Improved removal of dust and particulate contamination from critical surfaces
  • Minimized defects in finishing and coating applications
  • Improved cleaning of parts and assemblies after molding and machining operations
  • Reduced damage from spark discharges to plastic film surfaces prior to printing
  • Improved uniformity of coatings applied to substrates such as DVD optical media
  • Improved yield of sensitive electronic components

Increased Productivity and Process Speeds

  • Reduced microprocessor, robotic and automated equipment lock-up
  • Reduced jamming and restrictions on sheet-fed and web printing equipment
  • Increase web speeds in extrusion, laminating and converting applications
  • Reduced handling, inspection and cleaning of parts and assemblies
  • Improved flow of raw materials, product and waste in injection molding, powder processing and small parts manufacturing

Safer Work

  • Reduced shocks to personnel
  • Reduced static damage to microprocessors and automated equipment
  • Reduced spark hazards in volatile solvent environments

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26 Kallang Place, #06-17
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